The Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board’s (NMRIRB) primary objectives, in carrying out its functions, shall be at all times to protect and promote the existing and future well-being of the persons and communities resident in or using the Nunavik Marine Region (NMR), and to protect the ecosystemic integrity of the NMR. In addition, the NMRIRB will take into account the well-being of residents of Canada outside the NMR.

Impact Review

Impact Review is defined in Article 7 of the NILCA. The provisions of the Article are initiated upon receiving a project proposal from a licensing agency on behalf of a project proponent.

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Proponents of projects in the NMR must submit a project proposal to the Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission (NMRPC) to determine whether the project conforms to the requirements of any approved land use plans, and if so, whether the project type is exempt from the requirement for screening by the NMRIRB.

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Public participation is the most effective way the NMRIRB can become aware of the values affected by a proposed project. Effective participation allows for an open and balanced process that strengthens the quality of an impact assessment and informs decision-making, resulting in better decisions and better projects.

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